Scalzi Produce prides itself on its significant commitment to providing support to communities and assisting charitable organisations. As part of our ongoing commitment to a healthier and active community, we invest in a range of organisations, individuals, activities and initiatives. Our focus is on contributing to those that share our philosophy of encouraging others to take positive steps towards improving their health and well-being.

Scalzi Produce is proud to partner with organisations that share the same values and is focused on bringing positive change to the lives of South Australians.

What we offer?

Sponsorship requests are welcomed. Please note Scalzi Produce usually provides sponsorship support by supplying product, not necessarily monetary funds.

What we’re looking for?

Scalzi Produce assesses each sponsorship proposal on a case-by-case basis, with some of the following criteria recommended:

  • Organisation is strongly aligned with health and wellness (encourages healthy lifestyle choices)
  • Coordinated by a well respected organisation / team of individuals
  • Offer a range of benefits that assist in building awareness of the Scalzi Produce brand
  • Offer sufficient lead time for Scalzi Produce to gain maximum sponsor benefits
  • Opportunities for generating positive local media coverage


Please download and complete our SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION  and email to:
Joseph Altamura (Finance Manager)   ja@scalzi.com.au


  • All sponsorship decisions are discretionary.
  • Even if the criteria is fully or partially met, the sponsorship proposal may be declined.
  • We will endeavour to respond to your application within 2 weeks.

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